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A Spamming We Shall Not Go

The only thing good about SPAM is that you can have it with anything. It?s really good with potatoes, grits (if you?re Southern) rice or on a piece of bread cooked real good. SPAM has been around for years.

So it baffles me that the computer gods would define something good as SPAM as unwanted, unsolicited email that can include viruses and that is malicious. I?m stumped at that one.

Unsolicited email is also a problem and they can hide viruses too. All of a sudden, you are retrieving your email and you get a subject line called ?Cup Cake Brown?. Now who in the world would address themselves as ?Cup Cake Brown?? Then all of a sudden, you see these weird characters that look like this: &866*)*-

Or you?ll see a statement in the subject line that looks like this:

You Need to Do This

Fear not computer user?you are being SPAMMED!

The End of Spamming the Spammers (with Dieter P. Bieny)

What happens in this case is that software programs are built to emulate and randomize email addresses. If the software is in the ball park of what your email address is, then you automatically get send email that you do not want. This is annoying because some e-mail clients don’t really focus on defeating the problem.

All e-mail clients are installing SPAM controls into their software. Some are weak and some are okay. Usually, web-based SPAM programs included with Yahoo and Hotmail will send your SPAMMED email to a Bulk Mail folder so that you can inspect it before deleting it. E-mail clients, such as, MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express have routines that you can customize to keep unwanted email out of your system.

Opening these emails will cause a boat load of problems and actually sink your system. There is a federal law against SPAMMING that if you get caught, you can be fined or face heavy jail time if you a ruining someones data. SPAMMING is a serious offense.

You also have to watch out what you subscribe to on the Internet. Again if the company is not reputable, don’t sign up for newsletters or emails unless you know the company has a reputation and is viable. Don’t let SPAM email turn your stomach!


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