The Hacking Dilemma of List Joe.Com

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Compared with the LISTJOE.COMĀ  hacking attack my virus attack was minor. No one is 100% immuned from these viscious attacks but we can take steps that help prevent such a disaster. Read on …

July 26, 2012

From the desk of Jonah Klimack, owner and creator of

I began Listjoe in 2006 with the idea of creating a Listbuilder system that actually delivers relevant, targeted hits for aspiring home business owners. I discovered a way to make it work.

Our success was legendary. Since we opened our doors, over 250,000 people joined and used Listjoe. We collected hundreds and hundreds of unsolicited testimonials. We were widely accepted as the #1 Listbuilder and our Alexa ranking was around 2000 at it’s highest peak. That’s almost 4x the rank to our next competitor! Clearly Listjoe was THE place to get fresh new traffic to your home business offers!

Unfortunately in mid June 2012, someone hacked my personal laptop and was able to gain access to my domain/hosting passwords. They logged into my domains and attempt to change/transfer ownership and they logged into my hosting account and change passwords there too. Luckily NO important member data was accessed or controlled, and my paypal account was never accessed. But was hijacked and out of my control until very recently.

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But with disaster comes opportunity. I partnered with two experienced listbuilder owners , you might recognize them. We have been diligently working on Listjoe version 3.0. They are excited and so am I with the progress so far.


Launch date for Listjoe 3.0 as of right now is August 15th, 2012! It’s going to be awesome.
So here’s the plan and what’s happening with your account:

1) Because so much time has passed, we have to put a TEMPORARY version of Listjoe made up ONLY of members who re-claim their account and tell us they are active. It will not have all the features that it used to have, but you WILL be able to send mail and get the same advertising benefits that you have enjoyed previously. The best part is your email will only go to enthusiastic and active members that have been eager to come back and get mail.
2) We have been hard at work making 3.0 something extra special for all of my loyal Listjoe members. You will see new stuff that no other Listbuilder is doing, which you can use to maximize clicks AND conversions to your ads.
3) All affected PAID members will get a FREE MONTH with Listjoe Version 3.0. and all affected FREE members will also get a nice bonus and compensation.

Please note: has not been abandoned, or lost. We still get a ton of traffic which means tons of fresh new leads for your business. It will be back and BETTER so you can enjoy thousands of relevant clicks and sales to your business!


The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing: Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Made Easy

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