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Since the purpose of a business is to create a customer, the most important

functions of a business are marketing and innovation.

EVERYTHING else is an expense.”

— Peter Drucker —

That’s a quote from the legendary management consultant Peter Drucker where he nets your business out to just two things – marketing and innovation (improving your business to meet customer needs).

Building influence with Free Membership Sites

What is a customer?  You get a customer when someone buys your product or service.  If someone buys, then you make a sale.  Using the transitive property we learned in elementary school:


and                     SOMEONE BUYS = MAKE A SALE


Now, lets re-visit Peter Drucker’s quote:

 “Since the purpose of a business is to make a sale, the most important

functions of a business are marketing and innovation.

EVERYTHING else is an expense.”

 The purpose of business is to make a sale.  If  YOU are not starting your business to make sales, then you are NOT starting a business – you’re running a charity.  Now, I don’t have anything against charity or charitable work… just don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re in business when you’re running a charity.

So, here’s the attitude you’ll need while you’re creating your new business… will this result in sales?  I know that’s a bit blunt – but to paraphrase Peter Drucker, if your business isn’t making sales, it’s costing you money.

For your new membership site business, you need to find your mark:

  • You’re lost in the freezing wilderness (trying to get your product noticed among all the other distractions)
  • You must start a fire to survive (you need to make sales and make money)
  • You’re down to your last match (your resources are limited – you’ve got to make this work)

That’s why I love membership sites – and that’s exactly why I created Micro-Membership software.   Let me explain just what I mean.  I bet you’re asking yourself:

“Is this going to work?” – I’m not going to guarantee your success – nobody can.  But membership sites are the BEST platform to create a dependable, ongoing income.  Why? Because membership sites force you to do the very things a successful business MUST to do to survive – create a product that people want, build a list of paying customers, and forming great relationships and communities with and for your customers.  I won’t go into detail about these here.  I’ve put it all in the BONUS area at the end of this manual where you’ll find the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Start a Membership Site.  Read through those and I think you’ll agree that membership sites are a proven business model that has worked before, is working now, and will work for you.

  • “Is all this work worth it?” – When millionaire internet entrepreneurs start switching their business over to the membership site business model, you can be sure they’re not doing it because they want to make LESS money.  A membership site with just 200 active members can easily earn you $5,000 a month.   Not a bad haul for what’s essentialy part-time work.
  • “Will my product sell?” – It’s got to.  Remember The Man in the “Fire” story?  You’ve got to build a fire with your very last match… or you’ll die.  Your business MUST make sales, must make money, must be successful… THIS TIME.  So, let’s not worry about IF your site will be successful but HOW to make it successful.

This manual is designed to get you there.  Follow the steps in this guide you’ll see that building a successful membership site doesn’t require some SECRET formula – just the adherence to good business and marketing principles.

BTW: The 24 hours doesn’t mean you have to do this in just one day.  It may take you a weekend, a week, or maybe more.  But whether it takes you 2 days or 2 weeks if you follow the steps through to the end your membership site WILL make money!

To be continued …Module 2
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