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SEPTEMBER 7th 2012

Thanks for signing up to the List Joe 3.0
prelaunch information.

I have some awesome news for you…

As you probably know by now, List Joe is
going through a major overhaul.

To do this right, it takes time..more than
I expected.

However, the awesome news is:

We are very, very close to being done!

That’s right, doors are opening soon. We
are currently just putting on the final
touches, and everything is looking amazing.

I don’t want to give an exact date, because
it’s really hard to know for sure.

But what I do promise is that it will be
done very soon, and it will be very awesome.

And for sticking with us, you will be
greatly rewarded.

Again, I apologize for the delay and for
everything that has happened. I promise to
keep working as hard as possible to get
List Joe done soon.

I’ll keep you updated as we progress.


Jonah Klimack
Owner/Creator/Brainchild of Listjoe


When I emailed you last week about Listjoe
being very close to completion, I was right…

…in my mind though I wanted it done within a few

Unfortunately it’s been a week and we’re still not
QUITE, done yet.

I want to show you SOMETHING, so I’m going to give you
a screenshot of the landing page forthe new Listjoe –
with it’s sexy, sleek new design, and innovative NEW
sign up process.

We think conversions will POP even better than on
Listjoe. Which means when we launch and you’re set in,
you’re going to get lots of $100 sales.

Actually, a lot of thought was put into that, because
let’s face it, if you want to promote a listbuilder,
You better promote one that converts very well! …


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