Computer Virus Attack! How NOT to let this happen to you

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“Krazy Kay”, Admin to, has just given us a tale of woe that could have been a lot worse.  Kay adds lots of tips & suggestions to avoid this happening to YOU. Here is her story:

Well if your wondering where Krazy Kaye has been hiding this last week, shes been offline trying to fix Both her Laptop & Desktop. Now She/Im back and I want to ask you…
Is Your Computer Safe?
I picked up a bad Trojan/Worm virus last weekend just going to what are very well known safe sites. Since I have my Laptop and Desktop Connected for ease of file transfers for work it went right from my laptop to my desktop.
Lucky for me my desktop is Windows 7 and the virus couldnt do the damage to it that it did to my laptop. I was able to research the virus and clean it off my desktop with in few days.
However, out of fear of what it could do to my brand spanking new desktop I shut it down on Thursday Night and did not turn it back on until Tuesday when I was POSITIVE what I needed to do to get it off my desktop.
Needless to say in order to do this I had to kinda of sacrifice my laptop and continue using it to research the virus. So as of Yesterday my Desktop is Safe and Fully Functioning but my Laptop is still very very sick.
So What happened, how did someone who is So Experienced Online end up with 2 Infected Computers?
Well Ill be honest with you, I had turned off the annoying Virus Database Updates on my Anti Virus Software. The Virus is a brand new one and because my anti-virus software wasnt updated it was able to slip in and get into files and start its dirty work.
By the time I realized I had a virus it had gotten to my desktop via my network and had embedded itself into major operations files on my laptop.
So Right Now! Go check your Anti virus Software and make sure its set to Automatically Update the Virus Database Daily and YES I mean DAILY! There are Hundreds of New Viruses Released Daily.
What most people dont realize is that about 80% of Virus Infections on computer from websites actually come from some of the Largest Most Trusted Sites on the Internet.
They DONT just come from Bad Sites or Reported Attack Sites. Most of them get in silently with out us every knowing they are there via what we Believe are Perfectly Safe sites.
Dont depend on Site Administrators to Keep You Safe from Attacks. Update your Software Regularly and if you dont have any I recommend the FREE Version of and I always keep a download of AVG on my computers as Back Up to be installed and used if Avast cant take care of the problem.
Just a note this time I have had to use 3 Different Virus Removal programs and 5 Adware/Spyware Removal Programs and I still dont have the virus off my laptop yet.
In our business our computers ARE our Most Important Business Investment and it is up to Us to take that seriously and keep them clean and safe.
Heres a Quick List of what you should be doing and have…
Computer Virus Safety List:
*Antivirus Software Such as Avast, AVG etc.
*Spyware/Malware Software such as Advanced System Care, Malwarebytes, Avira Etc.
*Only ONE Anti-virus Program Installed and Running at One Time (running 2 at the same time can cause computer crashes).
*Make sure Both Anti-virus and Spyware/Malware Programs are set to Automatically Update as Often as Possible.
*Make sure Both Programs are Active when you are Online Every Time you are Online.
*Make sure Both Programs Scan Your Computer Regularly. At Minimum Once a Week, most of us set ours to do a quick scan at Startup (Daily).
NOTE: IF you think your computer is infected Shut It Down Immediately and Restart it in “Safe Mode”. You can usually do this by pressing the F8 Button during the Windows Startup Screen BEFORE it gives you the Windows Login Screen. As soon as your computers starts to turn on just keep pressing the F8 Button until you get the screen that asks if you want to use Safe Mode.
Choose to start in Safe Mode. You Will NOT Have internet and most programs that run in the background will NOT Run in Safe Mode. This keeps the Virus from being able to spread.
Then Run a FULL Scan with your Anti Virus and Spyware/Malware Programs and Clean the computer completely .
IF for any reason the programs find a problem but Can Not Clean, Quarantine or Remove the problem files and you do Not Know what you are doing Contact some who knows how to deal with Viruses.
Getting Bad Viruses off a computer can sometimes require a Computer Technician to do so successfully.


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