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    The ClickBank Marketplace is the last of the 3 places you’ll go to find out if people are buying the kind of information you’re planning for your membership site.  What’s great about ClickBank is that it deals only in digital products – products that are delivered electronically.  So, if ClickBank products are being sold for your topic, it’s a good indicator that your membership site will sell as well.

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Here’s the downside of using ClickBank – since it’s a resource created primarily for people to RESELL digital products, the results you’ll find often reflect the current digital product “fads”.   Take for example Magniwork.  It’s a “free energy” device that seems to be selling like hotcakes.  It’s also a SCAM – the thing doesn’t work – but affiliates are selling it like it’s the solution to global warming.

On the other end of the scale is a book you’ll find on Amazon titled “How to Shit in the Woods”.  It’s a very specific title that you’d think only a small number of people would  be interested in.   Check it’s Sales Rank, though, and you’ll find it’s at 33,250 (very good) and has sold over 1.5 Million copies (a number I uncovered elsewhere).  This is obviously information people are interested in and paying for – but you won’t find anything like it on ClickBank.

So, if you find products in your topic area on ClickBank with good numbers – that’s great.  If you don’t find many products on ClickBank or the ones that are there have less than stellar numbers – that’s not necessarily an indicator that your product won’t succeed.  If the information from Google, Yahoo, and Amazon is favorable, that overrides any disappointing ClickBank results.

NOTE: The numbers for my “photography studio equipment” topic that we uncovered this hours are just Ok.  They’re not bad… but they are not stellar either.

I would be much happier if the SpyFu Clicks/Day figure was higher and there were more varied questions in Yahoo Answers.  And, of course, there wasn’t much in ClickBank

So, if I were doing this for real (instead of as an illustration) and I wanted to make sure my topic would be an instant money maker, I might consider ditching the “photography studio equipment” for one with stronger numbers.


                         EzineArticles (and other article directories)

I bet you’d like know the secret to creating content for your own membership site super fast, right?  Then, how about a bit of really good news…


 You just need to know where to find it and the first place I go looking is EzineArticles.

EzineArticles has thousands of articles that can provide content for your product.

We’re not talking about copying other people’s work (that’s illegal) but you can by all means take the main points from an article and re-work them as you create your own content.

Lets start out with the EzineArticles homepage.  Scroll down to the bottom of the left sidebar until you find the search box with “Advanced Search” link.

I’m certain that, to boost revenue, EzineArticles wants people to use the Google search box that is strategically placed at top center of the page.  Unfortunately, that’s not the search box we need.  To use EzineArticles’ Advanced Search, you’ll have to scroll about halfway down the page.

Once you’re there, you should see a box on the side of the page about halfway down that has a search feature.

Click on the “Advanced Search” feature and it will take you to a screen like this:


All you have to do then is type in your search term in the box and it will return all the articles in the EzineArtcles database.

Try to use the exact phrase of your main keyword for instance I typed in “photography studio equipment” and received 286 results.

Now, you don’t have to read every article, but here’s what you’re looking for:

  1. an interesting headline – I found one that read “Photography Equipment – Five Key Pieces You Can’t Do Without”.  That sounds like a headline I can use with modifications
  2. an effective headline– What’s the difference?  #1 is what’s interesting to ME.  An effective headline is one that’s interesting to EzineArticle readers.  You can tell what headlines interest viewers by scrolling down to the bottom of any article and you’ll find: “This article has been viewed XXX time(s).”The “Photography Equipment – Five Key Pieces You Can’t Do Without” article was posted on December 10, 2008 and has been viewed 333 times (as of this writing).  Which means this headline is interesting enough to draw viewers in at a rate of roughly 1 a day – pretty good in my book.

When I’m using this method, what I’ll do is:

  1. click on an interesting headline
  2. skim through the article
  3. if I like the content, I’ll print the article (or bookmark it in a special folder)
  4. if the content doesn’t excite me, I’ll just copy the headline and paste it into a word document that will become my “headline swipe file”

If you want more ideas than you get from EzineArticles, you can do the same research using other article directories like:


You can also find more specialized info by performing a forum search in Google for your niche.  This will bring up all the forums to do with your niche so if you are looking for some more in depth info you can find it there here is what you do to do a forum search.

Simply type “[your topic] forums” into your Google search box and you’ll uncover any number of forums that specifically address your topic.

For example, “photography studio equipment forums” returned:

As you can see there is 1,350,000 results which should be plenty enough for every module of my Photography Studio Equipment membership site!

You can also use forums if you need a specific answer to a problem that you cannot find anywhere else.  All you need to do is sign up as a member of the forum and ask your question and you will get plenty of answers.

When you complete this exercise, you should have a really good handle on what your membership site will be offering and the kind of headlines that attract readers.

That means you’re ready for the next step!

NEXT: Creating Your Hook and Starting with the Sizzle!

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